Thursday, October 29, 2009

Featured Hero

it's not about the recognition, its about inspiring people.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Successful 2009!

As early as now, i could say 2009 is a successful year for us. Workwise, we already delivered the expected target that we need to achieve. Some of my 2009 wish list has been met without even pursuing it. clap clap clap.


Something new for 2010? I'm thinking of participating in the 2010 Election. Nope am not running for any post nor volunteering to any non partisan movement but register myself and be counted. I'm a first time voter. I tried to register last 2004 but unfortunately my name couldn't be found during election. I decided not to register and vote last 2007 but since 2010 is a make or break year for Philippine Politics; having surrounded by Trapo's and opportunists, i guess i need to sacrifice and join the long queue of registration.
Honestly i am not interested in the local government election, could i vote to other city instead? Those who could give more comfortable registration booth? Is that possible? I'll just get an ID with their city address?


I noticed that this blog lacks attractiveness, lacks life. bout time to change theme and content. in a while ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Philippine Newest Guinness Entry

In the news:

We really love to be in Guinness. After the former president - Corazon Aquino was laid to rest, now the limelight was centered to the 4 honor guards! Cute as it may sound, The Philippine National Police has already submitted the name of Police Office 2 Danilo Malinab Jr to the Guinness Book of World Records...

for what category?

for “standing in attention for the longest time in a funeral procession under the heat of the sun in a full dress gala.”


i can think of 2 concerns that may arise
1. there were four honor guards, how about Airman Second Class Gener Laguindam, Navy Petty Officer 3 Edgardo Rodriguez and Private First Class Antonio Cadiente

2.they're not standing under the heat of the sun, i think, its raining that time.

Pinoy nga naman!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brain Teaser 1

Kung ikaw ay isang bansa, ano ka?

(pacute-an ng sagot)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

100 Million

Sorry friends wala akong post. Busy digging 100 million before the month ends. Lets get back to work. Whew!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thank You Cory Aquino!

After discussing the history of my nick - Blue, now let's paint the blogworld yellow.

There were two significant colors that influenced my childhood. It greatly affects the way i view society, politics and even family roles. As far as I know, the country is divided not by who's Kapamilya or Kapuso but who's with the red or yellow.

Red for Ferdinand Marcos and Yellow for Corazon Aquino.

Red for those who want to continue the Bagong Lipunan dream, the anti-leftist group, for beauty, stability and power while yellow for those who want democracy, social justice, and change.

My father is for Marcos and my mom, she's also for Marcos.

and of course, having the blood of a true engot ( my personal definition for being blue, better term than be called emo), i am for tita cory!

Who is Cory Aquino nga ba? For the internet age, naturo fan and PSP babies;

Tita Cory is the only Filipino / Filipina that is adored by the whole world. Okay, second is Charice. Cory is a heroine, want proof?

The story of her life is a good material for walt disney or even the Marvel comics. She was able to dethrone the abusive legendary king Marcos without blood being shed; she lead the country and teach the world that power and leadership can be attained by peaceful revolution. If Imelda contributed the word imeldific, Cory contributed the principle of peaceful revolution which was practiced in other parts of the world.

She survived 7 coup attempts, landslide, earthquake, volcanic eruption,

She continue to save the Filipino people by stopping Fidel Valdez Ramos' Charter Change, calling the masses ( okay the middle class) to oust Erap Estrada (and later on apologized, well i don't see anything wrong with that action, in fact it's worth emulating) and asking Gloria Arroyo to resign, continuously attempting, praying hard and now asking God through her daily prayer intention that may the good Lord forgives and saves Gloria from hell.

She has this magic - the Cory Magic. She can mobilize people. When she talks, everyone listens. In fact, if she could only use this ability to earn money, she can even surpass her daughter-Kris reputation as the most bankable, reputable product endorser.

Right now, Tita Cory is suffering from colon cancer. Yes it maybe true that she is a heroine, but let's not forget that even Darna has her mortal side - Narda. The former president is also human - the only difference is that she is a woman with great spirit that can bind us all.

Right now, there is only one credible person that this country can listen to. I fear that there is no person right now that could bind the country, no one has the same wisdom, loving, understanding and forgiving heart like her.I just wish that whatever happens, the country is ready and prepared; politically matured and stable for a time that we are looking for the next heroine.

And may her magic be with us. May we imitate her grace and learn from her leadership.

The church is now offering prayer and mass intention, let us do our share by offering prayers, by being more proactive as a citizen and always remembering the path to goodness.

as a blogger, may i also invite every bloggers to share their thoughts about Cory. Let's paint the blogworld YELLOW as a tribute to our most loved president.

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cory in grayscale
cory in yellow
people power

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why Blue?

I am fortunate to have a unique nickname. I guess it addresses the real sense of having one. It is simple, unique and has recall. It sounds like mayaman, parang boy next door, parang tunog konyo.

Sarap pakinggan pag tinatawag kang Blue. Lalo na kung maraming tao, lahat nagtitinginan. I dont care kung madisappoint sila na ako yun. Heaven ang feeling. Music to my ear. Sarap magkaroon ng unique na pangalan. Lalo na pag umoorder ka sa Coffebean ng double chocolate.

1 ice blended double chocolate for blue!

Hanep! Lalong sumasarap ang inorder ko!

Madalas sa opisina, nagkakamali sila ng spelling. Akala nila BLU. walang E. Hindi color. Ang alam nga nila initials. Bernard Umali kasi. Pero V and middle initial ko, as in Villasenor ang middle name ko. Tunog old rich din di ba? for a time hindi ko sila kinorek. Pero nahiya din ako dahil wala akong karapatang magkaroon ng initial sa corporate work dahil hindi naman ako big boss.

Bakit nga ba Blue?


1997 - I was in first year college, living in a dormitory (Pope Pius - UN Av. Manila); enjoying the idea of living in one of the busy streets of Manila. Nakikipagpatintero kay kamatayan 'ika nga. Retro 70's ang fashion. Eto yung neon green, blue, bloody red at orange ang lahat ng makikita mong tumatawid sa kalye.

Obsess ako nun sa blue. Anything blue. From pillowcase, blanket, bag, shirt, pati socks!

One wednesday morning (wash day ang wednesday), i went to school wearing blue shirt, pants, socks and my favorite rubber slippers. Masakit sa mata. Isa akong naglalakad na statement ng kabaduyan. By the way, im wearing blue inclined plane (eto yung parang stork candy or mouth piece preparatory for braces).

Isa ako monochromatic blue. Kung ngayon ay may tinatawag na emo, ako naman ang tinatawag na engot! isang OA na engot.

Simula noon, tinawag na nila akong blue at pinangatawanan ko naman.

Mahirap ang college, lalo na pag first year.

Kung hindi nyo maalala, ganito yun.

Nung second year college ka or up, galit na galit ka sa first year college. Maingay, maemote, OA, mga walking marketing material makapagproject lang kung ano sila.
Ganun talaga e, naghahanap ng identity. Dinaanan namin yun. At masaya akong madiscover ang sarili ko na si Blue.

Marami akong naging nickname bago tawaging blue.

- Bernard sa mga old elementary mates
- Father. Opo, tinawag din akong Father or Fr. Bernard nung elementary sa sobrang kaadikan ko sa mga church activities
- Badong naman para sa mga close friends noong 3rd year high school
- Mitzel para sa 4th year HS friends, why Mitzel, siya ang bida sa first novel na naisulat ko (unpublished at wala na dahil inanay na)
- At nung college - BLUE, hanggang sa maging teacher ako, community organizer, at ngayon, working sa corporate world. Sarap pakinggan, isa pa nga... corporate world! Lol.

and that's the story of, that's the glory of love... ay mali. bigla akong nagcrave ng ice cream.

o ikaw naman magkwento, whats the story behind your nickname?

Friday, July 17, 2009

it will all start here

I want to start this blog by saying hi to everyone. I am blue, that's my nick. I love blogging and i really think that so far, its the best technology that humankind was ever made (of course, next to ipod and mobile phone and notebook, facebook and a lot more! whew!

I will be posting personal opinion ( i guess that's what blogging is all about), so there is no truth in this blog not unless you consider me as the next Buddha.

This is my nth blog account.

As I said, this is a personal account so expect stories more on me, the way i see and interpret the world.

I love pasta, pizza and wine.

I love conversations. I spend the whole day talking ( so don't be confused if you'll find me talking alone, i have multiple personality... im serious).

I am working and i dunno know if that's good news or bad news. Good news because i am receiving salary and bad news because i have fix salary. Soon, i'll put up my own business, i'll invest and will just check my bank account and monitor passive income. By that time, i'll travel, see the world, discover the earth, the sky and the world under the sea.

At the age of 4, i know how to manipulate people

at 5, i realized i'm different. I see dead people. i can talk to nature.

at 10, i was able to create poetry

at 13 had my circumcision

at 14, were able to recruit and build my first gang

at 18, handled critical position in the organization

at 20, graduated with honors

at 22 bought my first mobile phone

at 24, my first taste of the so called world.

at 25, started blogging

at 26, so in love with my work

at 29, planning for my retirement.

i guess, for now that's it. Will post later.

Happy reading, and enjoy blogging!

See yeah!